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With lots of experience as part of the Montebello Group, C&C Montebello Autostyling specialises in auto body-kits and spoilers for various car models.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality material. We emphasise on selling ABS Plastic & PU blow moulded products. Our Products are made exactly just like OE products are done..

Since the body kit /spoiler is drawn up on computer using CAD software, products come out in symmetrical precision angles and fitment would be 100% guaranteed. Therefore surfaces would be smoother for paint job which give’s you that perfect finish with a longer lifespan.

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What's The Difference between ABS/PU & Fibre?


This is the most traditional material used for making body kits. As it is handmade, fitment is the biggest problem.


This material is starting to become popular in the third party body kit industry. Usually for mass produced parts only.


Starting to become more popular. Usually for mass produced parts. BMW, Mercedes Benz and many other car manufacturers make stock bumpers with PU material.

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